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Period: November 2017
Languages: PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS
Created a fully functioning Movie Database system accessed by users exclusively through a Web interface. This project consisted of two components: (1) Creation of the movie database by adding MySQL tables to store various movie information (e.g. Movies, Actors, Sales, Director, Movie Genre, Movie Actors, Movie Rating, Movie Reviews, etc.); loading them with real data; and creating a php page that allows users to query the MySQL DB using HTML forms; and (2) Creation of a fully functioning web interface with various landing pages to interact with the Movie DB:

  1. Input pages -- allow users to add actor and/or director info; add movie info; add comments to movies; add "actor to movie" relation; and add "director to movie relation"
  2. Browsing pages -- allow users to view actor information (e.g. what movies they are in); and view movie information (e.g. title, producer, MPAA rating, director, genre, etc.)
  3. Search page -- allow users to search for an actor/actress/movie through a keyword search interface

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