SpaceInvadersFPGA banner


Period: June 2017
Platform: Xilinx ISE
FPGA Board: Nexys-3 Spartan-6
Languages: Verilog
For this project, I decided to recreate the classic arcade game, Space Invaders. For those not familiar with the game, the goal is for the player spaceship to destroy 55 alien spaceships by shooting them with lasers before they reach the bottom of the screen, while trying to avoid the alien lasers. Here is a link to play the original game.

This version is a simplified version of the game due to on-board memory constraint issues, and only having two weeks to work on the project. I noticed that as more objects were added to the game (i.e. more objects on the VGA display), the game began to act in an undefined manner (i.e. some alien objects stopped moving, or moved out of sync of the other alien objects, or the lasers began to glitch). I figured that this was due to FPGA board memory constraints (which is what the TA told me as well). I intend to complete the game using off-board memory and utilizing the MCB and MIG.

GitHub Source Code